From the Back of the Line to the Tip of the Spear

The Calguns Foundation just went from the back of the line to the tip of the spear.
For too long, CGF has been at the mercy of the Ninth Circuit either stonewalling our cases or outright ruling against us.
That all changes now.
With a pro-gun U.S. Supreme Court on the horizon, critical CGF lawsuits such as Silvester v. Harris and Teixeria v. County of Alameda have new life!
The Ninth Circuit now knows that we can appeal their decisions to the highest court of the land, which would impact the rights of not only gun owners in the Ninth Circuit’s jurisdiction, but nationwide.
This is a big deal.
Few other legal groups have as many diverse pro-gun cases currently at the appellate level. CGF’s cases and their decisions, considered longshots on November 7th, 2016, have become groundbreaking overnight.
Contribute to CGF today and know that your tax-deductible donation will go forward to argue in front of a Ninth Circuit that will now have to judge our cases on their merits or risk having their decision overturned in a pro-Second Amendment Supreme Court.
The Ninth Circuit is currently deciding whether to uphold their initial decision that the right to commerce of firearms is protected by the Second Amendment or rehear to Teixeria en banc.
After last week’s events, they will have likely to think twice.
Stand with CGF and make history.
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