CCW Initiative Update: November 1, 2016

As part of The Calguns Foundation's ongoing efforts to better understand, and increase the number and accessibility of California carry carry licenses, we've published a number of new documents over at our re-designed Carry License Sunshine and Compliance Initiative county information center, located here.
The goal of our re-designed CCW information center is to provide a simple, straightforward way for our members, supporters, and the public to get objective, evidence-based information about the carry license policies and practices of each California county sheriff (and, soon, many cities).
Over the coming days, we'll be pushing out information for each of the 58 county sheriffs, including (to the extent they've been provided to us) local policies, approved applications, denied applications, and other records. We're also going to be making it as easy as possible to find out how and where to apply in your county.
And, of course, we'll be reviewing all of this information for things we believe to be unconstitutional or unlawful under relevant state statutes.
Now that the Ninth Circuit has decided the Peruta and Richards right-to-carry cases, we believe that there are still a great number of different opportunities to improve law-abiding peoples' access to their Second Amendment rights -- through research, education, cooperative efforts with licensing agencies, and, where necessary, legal action.
So far this year, we've acquired thousands and thousands of pages of important CCW information at significant expense (public records usually cost between $0.10 and $0.50 per page, plus the time is takes to compile, redact, and analyze the data). Please consider chipping in and making a tax-deductible donation to support this CCW program and our many pro-gun lawsuits.
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Fund These Immediate Pro-Gun Efforts Now

Let's cut to the chase:
CGF needs to raise $3,000 by MIDNIGHT on Halloween to fully fund two CRITICAL pro-gun litigation and research programs.
First, we’re currently evaluating all 58 California sheriff concealed carry policies and we’re preparing to roll out our policy grades beginning in November. This program will bring sunlight to all law-abiding Californians seeking to defend themselves and will educate them on whether their elected officials allows them to freely exercise their innate rights protected by the Second Amendment.
This will be an ongoing program that will take us into the new year and we need YOUR donation RIGHT NOW to ensure it reaches its full completion.
Next, we’re currently in the deposition phase in our case, Tracy Rifle and Pistol v. Harris. This case challenges state law prohibiting firearms dealers from displaying handgun advertisements that are visible from the outside of their place of business. A victory here will give way for gun shops to accurately advertise their products just like any other law abiding business in California.
We’ll be filing briefs through the end of the year and it is CRUCIAL that you make sure our lawsuit is fully resourced.
Help us reach our our $3,000 by Midnight MONDAY.
All donations to CGF are tax-deductible and 2016 is almost over so make your tax-deductible donation today!
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The Federalist: American Support For An Assault Weapons Ban Just Hit A Record Low

A new survey from Gallup recorded the lowest support for an assault weapons ban in its history.
The most interesting data point from the poll is that the 36% support for a ban is a bipartisan position. Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike are finding a somewhat mutual agreement that an assault weapons ban is futile. Via The Federalist:

Support for a so-called assault weapons ban in the U.S. just hit a record low of 36 percent, according to a new Gallup poll released on Wednesday. The poll showed that 61 percent of American adults now oppose a ban. That level of opposition is the highest ever recorded.
Increasing opposition to the 1990’s-era gun ban isn’t just limited to Republicans. Gallup’s data show that opposition to the ban has increased across the board. Barely 50 percent of Democrats currently support the ban today, compared to 63 percent support from Democrats in 1996, just two years after the federal ban was signed into law. Less than a third of independents currently support a ban, while Republican support hovers at 25 percent.

Read more here.

Bearing Arms: LA Times Editorial Attacks Gun Rights, Calls For Nationwide Microstamping

The Los Angeles Times published an editorial Monday attacking firearms, this time by advocating for the use of microstamping to solve crimes.
The Times noted that once California passed microstamping requirements, gun manufacturers simply stopped selling new models in the state. The type of microstamping editorial boards propose that would make communities safer simply does not exist and is actually a gateway to an outright handgun ban. California already uses its handgun roster to advance handgun bans and the blog Bearing Arms cited The Calguns Foundation handgun roster lawsuit, Peña v. Lindley, as an effort to defeat such deceitful, freedom-killing regulations. Via Bearing Arms:

“California lawmakers may as well have passed laws regarding the use of phasers from Star Trek, another technology that doesn’t exist.
But let’s assume for the sake of argument let’s pretend that microstamping is real, and not fantasy, just to see the absurdity of the Crime Gun Identification Act play out.
This in example of a firing pin, scaled larger than it actually is in real life.
If microstamping was an real, commercially viable technology, the gear code would be engraved on the rounded part of the pin that contacts the primer (left above) to leave an impression on the primer when the pin strikes the primer. The shell casing would then be ejected with the (theoretical) code left on the primer.”

Read more here.

CGF Begins Carry Policy Review Initiative

As you know, we at The Calguns Foundation approach gun rights with a multifaceted approach that encompasses both litigation and research. Not only is it essential to analyze how a law is written, but it is crucial to see how it is implemented.
Policy and practice matters.
We’ve been diligently requesting documents this year from all 58 of California’s sheriffs pertaining to their carry license policies, with the ultimate goal of creating a public resource on our website for all Californians.
We will also will be grading each policy with specific, fact-based, transparent public criteria taken straight from the California Penal Code and case law.
Our objective: until such time that all law-abiding Californians can exercise their fundamental, individual right to carry loaded, operable firearms in public for self-defense, the public has a right to know whether their elected officials are following the State Constitution, statute, and case law as it is written.
This is an exciting endeavor for our members because soon, all Californians will have access to their counties’ policies, will be educated to how their county implements their policies, and will be able to make informed decisions on pursuing obtaining carry permits. This effort may also reveal our next litigation targets.
We hope to count on you as we are compiling this exhaustive, yet vital endeavor to inform the public and improve access to law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment right to bear arms.
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