What if I already have a license to carry in the same jurisdiction in which I currently live? Do I need to start from scratch for renewal?

Penal Code section 26185(c) is instructive here:

If the license applicant has a license issued pursuant to this article and the applicant’s fingerprints have been previously forwarded to the Department of Justice, as provided in this section, the licensing authority shall note the previous identification numbers and other data that would provide positive identification in the files of the Department of Justice on the copy of any subsequent license submitted to the department in conformance with Section 26225 and no additional fingerprints shall be required.”

(Emphasis added.)

Notably, the application form exemption in (b) is not found in (c); as such, you should complete the state-standard initial application form but only pay the reduced amount for renewal fees. See, Cal. Penal Code section 26190(c)-(d):

“(c) The licensing authority may charge an additional fee, not to exceed twenty-five dollars ($25), for processing the application for a license renewal, and shall transmit an additional fee, if any, to the city, city and county, or county treasury.

(d) These local fees may be increased at a rate not to exceed any increase in the California Consumer Price Index as compiled and reported by the Department of Industrial Relations.”