CCW Initiative Update: November 1, 2016

As part of The Calguns Foundation's ongoing efforts to better understand, and increase the number and accessibility of California carry carry licenses, we've published a number of new documents over at our re-designed Carry License Sunshine and Compliance Initiative county information center, located here.
The goal of our re-designed CCW information center is to provide a simple, straightforward way for our members, supporters, and the public to get objective, evidence-based information about the carry license policies and practices of each California county sheriff (and, soon, many cities).
Over the coming days, we'll be pushing out information for each of the 58 county sheriffs, including (to the extent they've been provided to us) local policies, approved applications, denied applications, and other records. We're also going to be making it as easy as possible to find out how and where to apply in your county.
And, of course, we'll be reviewing all of this information for things we believe to be unconstitutional or unlawful under relevant state statutes.
Now that the Ninth Circuit has decided the Peruta and Richards right-to-carry cases, we believe that there are still a great number of different opportunities to improve law-abiding peoples' access to their Second Amendment rights -- through research, education, cooperative efforts with licensing agencies, and, where necessary, legal action.
So far this year, we've acquired thousands and thousands of pages of important CCW information at significant expense (public records usually cost between $0.10 and $0.50 per page, plus the time is takes to compile, redact, and analyze the data). Please consider chipping in and making a tax-deductible donation to support this CCW program and our many pro-gun lawsuits.
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