CGF, FPC and FPCAF File Brief in Support of Challenge to Hawaii Public Handgun Carry Bans

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (November 13, 2023) – Today, California Gun Rights Foundation (CGF), Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), and FPC Action Foundation (FPCAF) announced the filing of a brief with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (and motion requesting permission to file) in support of the plaintiffs in Wolford v. Lopez, which challenges multiple public carry bans enacted by Hawaii in response to the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision. The brief can be viewed at

CGF WIN: Federal Judge Again Strikes Down California “Assault Weapon” Ban

SAN DIEGO, CA (October 19, 2023) – Today, The California Gun Rights Foundation (CGF) announced that Judge Roger T. Benitez of the Southern District of California has issued an opinion in Miller v. Bonta, once again holding that California’s ban on so-called “assault weapons” is unconstitutional under the Second Amendment. The opinion, which can be viewed at, comes after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals remanded the lawsuit back to the district court in light of the Supreme Court’s NYSRPA v. Bruen decision.


The California Gun Rights Foundation and our partners are taking the fight to Newsom over his latest attack on carry!

In case you missed the news, we've filed Carralero v. Bonta - which challenges the "sensitive place" carry ban in the recently-passed SB2.

CGF Steps into Court this Afternoon

The California Gun Rights Foundation is about to head into court and present oral arguments in Barba v. Bonta

At 1:30 PM today, our attorneys will be up against the tyrants in AG Bonta's office as we seek to STOP AB 173. 

CGF Files New Lawsuit Challenging California “Sensitive Place” Restrictions

SANTA ANA, CA (September 26, 2023) – Today, The California Gun Rights Foundation (CGF) and Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) announced the filing of a new Second Amendment lawsuit challenging multiple parts of California SB2, which unilaterally declares numerous locations as “sensitive places” where California will now ban the carry of firearms by licensed, law-abiding Californians. The complaint in Carralero v. Bonta can be viewed at