CGF Begins Carry Policy Review Initiative

As you know, we at The Calguns Foundation approach gun rights with a multifaceted approach that encompasses both litigation and research. Not only is it essential to analyze how a law is written, but it is crucial to see how it is implemented.
Policy and practice matters.
We’ve been diligently requesting documents this year from all 58 of California’s sheriffs pertaining to their carry license policies, with the ultimate goal of creating a public resource on our website for all Californians.
We will also will be grading each policy with specific, fact-based, transparent public criteria taken straight from the California Penal Code and case law.
Our objective: until such time that all law-abiding Californians can exercise their fundamental, individual right to carry loaded, operable firearms in public for self-defense, the public has a right to know whether their elected officials are following the State Constitution, statute, and case law as it is written.
This is an exciting endeavor for our members because soon, all Californians will have access to their counties’ policies, will be educated to how their county implements their policies, and will be able to make informed decisions on pursuing obtaining carry permits. This effort may also reveal our next litigation targets.
We hope to count on you as we are compiling this exhaustive, yet vital endeavor to inform the public and improve access to law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment right to bear arms.
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