Alvin Doe, et al. v. Attorney General Xavier Becerra, et al.

2/8/18: VICTORY! The Third District Court of Appeal has published an opinion in our favor!

This lawsuit was filed to challenge an illegal California Attorney General / Department of Justice policy that ignores the text of state statutes and denies handgun sales to law-abiding people with both a Certificate of Eligibility & FFL03 (collector license).

Plaintiffs-Appellants argued that:

  • The DOJ’s Enforcement Policy Is Inconsistent With The Plain Meaning Of Section 27535.
  • Legislative History Confirms That The Licensed Collectors’ Exemption Applies To The Purchase Of Any Handgun.
  • Applying The Licensed Collectors’ Exemption To All Handgun Purchases Is Consistent With The Purpose Of The Statute.
  • DOJ’s Enforcement Policy Incorrectly Interprets Federal Law.
  • The Enforcement Policy Is An Invalid Underground Regulation.

Key Court of Appeal Filings

2/8/18: Published Court of Appeal Opinion

8/7/17: Appellants' Reply Brief

5/20/17: Respondents' Brief

2/23/17: Appellants' Opening Brief