Fund These Immediate Pro-Gun Efforts Now

Let's cut to the chase:
CGF needs to raise $3,000 by MIDNIGHT on Halloween to fully fund two CRITICAL pro-gun litigation and research programs.
First, we’re currently evaluating all 58 California sheriff concealed carry policies and we’re preparing to roll out our policy grades beginning in November. This program will bring sunlight to all law-abiding Californians seeking to defend themselves and will educate them on whether their elected officials allows them to freely exercise their innate rights protected by the Second Amendment.
This will be an ongoing program that will take us into the new year and we need YOUR donation RIGHT NOW to ensure it reaches its full completion.
Next, we’re currently in the deposition phase in our case, Tracy Rifle and Pistol v. Harris. This case challenges state law prohibiting firearms dealers from displaying handgun advertisements that are visible from the outside of their place of business. A victory here will give way for gun shops to accurately advertise their products just like any other law abiding business in California.
We’ll be filing briefs through the end of the year and it is CRUCIAL that you make sure our lawsuit is fully resourced.
Help us reach our our $3,000 by Midnight MONDAY.
All donations to CGF are tax-deductible and 2016 is almost over so make your tax-deductible donation today!
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