Sharp v. Becerra

Summary: Sharp, et al. v. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, et al. is a constitutional challenge to the DOJ's defective "bullet button assault weapon" registration system and failures to perform their duties that prevented many Californians from registering their firearms before July 1, 2018, thus denying them exemption from many serious criminal laws, and a petition for writ of mandate to require the DOJ to register their firearms as many individuals tried and intended to do before July 1.

Individual Plaintiffs/Petitioners: Harry Sharp, David Ajirogi, and Ryan Gilardy are all law-abiding, tax-paying residents of California who lawfully own firearms and attempted to register them before the July 1 deadline, but were prevented from doing so due to the Defendants failures and defective systems.

Institutional Plaintiffs/Petitioners: Firearms Policy Coalition; Firearms Policy Foundation; California Gun Rights Foundation; Second Amendment Foundation

Defendants: Xavier Becerra, Attorney General of California; Brent E. Orick, Acting Chief of the Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms; the California Department of Justice; Does 1-20.

Litigation Counsel: George M. Lee; Douglas A. Applegate; Raymond M. DiGuiseppe

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