The John Le Story

These are perilous times for gun owners in California.
The constant stream of anti-gun laws and regulations out of Sacramento can turn law-abiding gun owners into criminals.
It’s become so overblown, so complicated, that law enforcement will arrest gun owners for non-existent crimes.
Prosecutors, the supposed backstop, will pursue charges and seek pleas or convictions where no crime actually occurred.
A  gun owner’s life could be ruined for merely being at the wrong place at the wrong time--and being a gun owner.
That was the case for Sacramento resident John Le.

The Calguns Foundation takes a robust approach in defending the Second Amendment. In addition to our pro-civil rights litigation efforts, we have defended law-abiding gun owners from non-existent crimes they were charged with.
That’s right. Not only do we have to challenge existing laws, but we have to challenge the prosecution of crimes that never occurred, based on laws that were never written.
View Le’s story and see how his life was almost turned completely upside down for simply driving as a gun owner.
These efforts are not easy or inexpensive. We hope that after hearing Le’s story that you join the cause and contribute what you can so that CGF can continue defending gun rights and ensuring justice for all law-abiding gun owners.
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