This Week in California Gun Rights: 4-19-13 Edition


The Reality of Gun Shows – Not the Arms Haven for Criminals Claimed By Some

In a viral video of a Portland, Oregon Lincoln Day dinner address to promote the recently-released Manchin-Toomey ”Public Safety And Second Amendment Rights Protection Act” background check bill, Mr. Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, made a number of curious remarks, including this one about gun shows:

“I can’t justify morally, that a person who walks into a gun show, buys a gun from somebody, without getting his name, the guy can hardly speak English, and walk through the door with that firearm, with no check, nothing at all. It goes on every day at every gun show.”

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California Gun Owners Have Reason to be Hopeful — and Proud

The California Senate Public Safety Committee passed a number of extreme anti-gun measures, ranging from outright bans on guns and magazines, to ammunition seller and purchaser permits, to a “kick-the-can” bill granting municipalities the authority to ban gun shows on state property.
While the outcomes of those votes were as predictable as they are frustrating, California gun owners walked away with one significant victory: absolute solidarity among those on our side.

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Cal-FFL Legislative Update

calffl header
This update will provide you a thumbnail sketch of what is happening with key gun legislation in California. For more detailed information, follow the links provided.
SB 140 (Leno) - Takes millions of unconstitutionally-collected Dealer Record of Sales (DROS) funds to compensate for the failure of more than 500 local law enforcement agencies not enforcing existing gun laws. Uses DROS funds to pay for CA DOJ expansion, including raids and confiscation of weapons from those whom the State deems to be prohibited based on unreliable data from an untrustworthy list.

Will be heard on the SENATE FLOOR either MONDAY, APRIL 22ND or THURSDAY, APRIL 25TH : Send an email NOW! CLICK HERE to TAKE ACTION NOW!

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California Gun Groups Stand United in Their Opposition to SB 374 (Video)

California gun rights groups came together this week in an unprecedented fashion to oppose the California State Senate’s all out attack on the Second Amendment Rights of Californians. Here is just a small sample of their full throated, passionate defense before the Public Safety Committee.
In this clip are Brandon Combs (Calguns Foundation), Craig DeLuz (Cal-FFL), Sam Parades (Gun Owners of California) and Ed Worley (NRA-ILA) arguing against Darell Steinbergs SB 374 which bans all semi-automatic rifles that accept detachable magazines.

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On Federal Background Checks

As new talk of expanding Federal background checks raises to a fevered pitch in the US Senate, we think it’s important to go into some detail on CGF’s position.
Some of the debate is moot for those of us in California as we are forced through expensive and duplicative background checks and waiting periods on virtually every firearms transfer. CGF is suing to overturn waiting periods for people the State already knows aren’t prohibited and already own guns. We’re also suing to stop the State from delaying valid purchases by those who aren’t prohibited because the State’s background check database is incomplete.

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