About the California Gun Rights Foundation

Learn more about our pro-2A legal action, research & education.

Founded by long-time civil rights activists in California to counter the marginalization of gun owners and combat the civilian disarmament movement, the California Gun Rights Foundation (CGF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that serves its members, supporters, and the public through educational, cultural, and judicial efforts to advance Second Amendment and related civil rights.

Since its inception, CGF has held governments accountable to the Constitution and the law in matters that directly affect the rights of law-abiding gun owners through its legal action, education, and research programs.

In addition to its ongoing strategic efforts to advance the right to keep and bear arms, CGF has successfully defended innocent gun owners from malicious or wrongful prosecution and assisted thousands with various firearm-related issues.

CGF has also filed important supporting amicus briefs in lawsuits filed in courts across the nation, including the landmark McDonald v. Chicago case at the United States Supreme Court and many others.

Below are just some of the many ways that the California Gun Rights Foundation is fighting for your rights. Please consider joining the fight to restore the Second Amendment in California and beyond by making a tax-deductible donation today.

Civil Litigation

In California and other “battleground states”, where the legislature is hostile to Second Amendment rights, gun control laws will mainly be attacked in civil litigation. We file both tactical and strategic, major-issue cases to defend and advance your gun rights.

Carry License Sunshine & Compliance Initiative

CGF’s Carry License Sunshine & Compliance Initiative has been helping thousands of law-abiding California gun owners get their carry license. We also litigate compliance issues, conduct research and requests under the Public Records Act, publish Annual Reports on carry license issuance statistics, Model Policies, and help inform the public through our FAQs and educational materials.

CGF Help Hotline and Defense of Gun Owners

All too often in California, law-abiding gun owners are harassed, intimidated, and wrongly prosecuted.  The California Gun Rights Foundation and our attorneys review these cases and, wherever possible, defend innocent gun owners from these attacks on their rights.

Public & Member Services

What happens when California gun owners have personal property–like guns–wrongly seized from them, or they’re facing some other firearm-related legal issue that they can’t tackle on their own?  CGF helps people get their guns back and, in some cases, these seizures and legal issues become civil rights lawsuits against the offending parties and government agencies.  We also assist the public in other ways by providing legal assistance and educational materials on firearms-related issues.

Education, Grassroots Outreach, and Events

Thousands of Californians are learning about their Second Amendment rights every year thanks to our amazing team of volunteers and educational content creators.  From gun shows to training courses to the World Ag Expo, the CGF team is working hard to advance gun rights and reach more new people with the news and information that matters.