NYT: CGF Patent Maneuver Stalled 2007 Microstamping Law For Two Years

The Calguns Foundation was responsible for slowing down a 2007 state law requiring microstamping technology on semi-automatic handguns by purchasing the patent for its technology, thus extended how long the law could be implemented.
Had CGF not stepped in, microstamping would have into effect sooner. Unfortunately the law was eventually implemented, however, CGF is litigating in our lawsuit, Peña v. Lindley, which currently sits at the 9th Circuit. Via the a 2012 story in New York Times:

In California, legislation signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2007 has been held up while the attorney general’s office makes sure the technology is unencumbered by patents, as the microstamping law requires. A gun rights group, the Calguns Foundation, went so far as to pay a $555 fee to extend a lapsing patent held by the developer to further delay the law from taking effect.
“It was a lot cheaper to keep the patent in force than to litigate over the issues,” said Gene Hoffman, the chairman of the foundation, adding that he believed the law amounted to a gun ban in California.

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