Bearing Arms: LA Times Editorial Attacks Gun Rights, Calls For Nationwide Microstamping

The Los Angeles Times published an editorial Monday attacking firearms, this time by advocating for the use of microstamping to solve crimes.
The Times noted that once California passed microstamping requirements, gun manufacturers simply stopped selling new models in the state. The type of microstamping editorial boards propose that would make communities safer simply does not exist and is actually a gateway to an outright handgun ban. California already uses its handgun roster to advance handgun bans and the blog Bearing Arms cited The Calguns Foundation handgun roster lawsuit, Peña v. Lindley, as an effort to defeat such deceitful, freedom-killing regulations. Via Bearing Arms:

“California lawmakers may as well have passed laws regarding the use of phasers from Star Trek, another technology that doesn’t exist.
But let’s assume for the sake of argument let’s pretend that microstamping is real, and not fantasy, just to see the absurdity of the Crime Gun Identification Act play out.
This in example of a firing pin, scaled larger than it actually is in real life.
If microstamping was an real, commercially viable technology, the gear code would be engraved on the rounded part of the pin that contacts the primer (left above) to leave an impression on the primer when the pin strikes the primer. The shell casing would then be ejected with the (theoretical) code left on the primer.”

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