The time is NOW

If you’ve ever wondered when would be a good time to give to The Calguns Foundation, right NOW would be a good time.
Although it’s been a disappointing summer (to say the least) for gun rights activists, CGF has multiple pro-Second Amendment lawsuits working their way through the legal system that could take away the anti-gunners’ momentum.
Currently, we are entrenched in these ongoing, important lawsuits that seek to:

  • Strike down the DOJ's Handgun Roster and microstamping.

  • Eliminate the 10 Day Waiting Period for CCW licensees and current gun owners.

  • Allow gun dealers to exercise their First Amendment right to free speech in non-misleading advertising.

In addition to our legal work in the courts, we’ve revamped our education and research efforts.
We are currently assembling our county-by-county CCW database via our Sunshine Initiative, where we will analyze county sheriff’s policies and practices and see whether they’re infringing on your civil rights.
We’re also in the production stages of our new documentary series, where we tell the stories of successful CGF plaintiffs from our previous cases, illustrating that with the right team we CAN make a difference in Second Amendment litigation.
September is’s time to wake up.
Make a contribution to our pro-gun programs TODAY.
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